Upcoming and On Demand Events

Intro to Fitting for the Voluntold Intern – November 13, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Join Lisa Neel, @lisacneel, for an introduction to making the most out of a fitting with untrained help: your roommate, family member, spouse, or close friend. This session is a general introduction into some ways you (the model) and your intern can avoid common frustrations. 

Students are encouraged to include their “Voluntold Intern” in the session and present specific fitting challenges. For more in depth help, Lisa is available for one-on-one coaching (see https://twinsnneedles.com/private-zoom-classes/) for more details. Students who sign up for the intro class will receive a discount code for $5 off a private session. More info. Book now.

Liz Haywood’s Zero Waste On Demand Class – Delve into the legacy of zero waste garments. We are now offering an on-demand version of our popular virtual class, “Zero Waste Legacy Sewing.” Join Liz Haywood as we take a look at three historic zero waste sewing patterns, and learn how you can use them today to make comfortable, beautiful garments. All three make good beginnings for developing new zero waste patterns sized for your measurements. We’ll be examining the bog coat (Bronze Age Western Europe), the Eura dress (Viking era Finland) and a Square Cut Men’s Shirt (Regency era England). More info. Book now.

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