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Yes, we really are twins!

Lara Neel rediscovered knitting in the late 1990s and has only put down those needles to take up spinning, weaving and sewing. She was also traumatized by the home-ec class Lisa mentions in her bio, but got over it when a coworker told her that it’s possible to sew t-shirts without a special sewing machine. Her sewing adventures have produced jeans, t-shirts, and dresses, but she’s most proud of making the first bras to truly fit her in almost 20 years. She’s the author of Sock Architecture and an instructor on Craftsy.

Lisa Neel was born 47 minutes after Lara, beginning a lifelong habit of collaborating with her by taking turns waking their mother. In 2000, Lisa started spinning yarn because she was inspired by Lara’s knitting. In 2015, she cleaned and oiled her family’s Singer 403A to begin sewing again after a 24-year break following a disastrous home economics project involving tropical print cotton-poly fabric. Growing from her original goal to have “a few simple dresses for work,” she now has a 3-year “to sew” list ranging from the 1770’s to the present, enjoys producing clothes for her daughter from crayon concept drawings, and has amassed an irresponsible number of sewing books and notions.

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