Six Reasons to Sew a Mask in November 2020

We’ve gotten some questions (and a few strange looks!) about why, so many months into this strange year, we’re offering a class about sewing masks. Don’t people who want them have them? Can’t you just buy them, now?

Well, yes and no. Here are some reasons you may want to sew some masks in our Pay What You Can Class in a few short weeks.

Your old masks are looking sad.

Face it. If you’ve been wearing, washing, and wearing your mask for weeks or months, it may start to show wear and tear. If you have more masks to rotate, they will all last longer.

Your current mask isn’t comfortable.

Or, maybe it’s just not as comfortable as it could be. We’ll talk about different styles of masks and their pros and cons for fit and ease of sewing.

You’re tired of nothing matching.

It looks like we may be wearing masks for a while, at least in some situations. Why not sew up a set of different colors so that you’ll be able to choose the best one to go with your outfit?

You want more masks to give as gifts.

It’s very 2020, but masks make great stocking stuffers or just “thinking of you” presents.

You want to try sewing a mask, but aren’t sure how to start.

Our class is for sewists at every ability level. Beginners are more than welcome! Since this class uses a free pattern and uses very little fabric and notions, it’s great for anyone who is just starting their sewing journey.

You have some experience sewing, but want to practice some new skills.

Of course, our class will be full of camaraderie, but there are also several skills to practice:

  • Pattern cutting with precision.
  • Sewing an accurate 1/4-inch seam.
  • Basting to save your sanity.
  • Nesting seams for perfect seam alignment.
  • Two-row topstitching for strong attachment points.
  • Learning new sewing techniques over Zoom.

If you’re as excited about sewing masks as we are, sign up now and let us know you’re planning on joining us!

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