striped bralette

Pattern Spotlight: (Another) Sweet Sixteen Bralette

I wanted to try sewing a Sweet Sixteen Bralette using a less-stretchy fabric, so I made one in a striped duoplex I’ve had for a while. I cut a size larger than my “ideal” fit, to account for the nonstretch fabric, and I like the fit!

When cutting, I aligned the right edge of one of the stripes with the match points for the apex seams. That worked pretty well, I think!

I extended the band slightly and finished everything with a flat application of either fold-over elastic or finishing elastic. Since this fabric doesn’t curl, I didn’t trim a lot under the elastics.

Here’s the photo, again, in case your browser cuts off the main image:

striped bralette

This experiment did lead to a strange conversation with my wife.

Me: I made another bralette!

Her: What’s a bralette?

Me: It’s like a bra, but there’s no underwire.

Her: So, like a sports bra?

Me: No. Definitely not.


Me: You know what? Fine. It’s a bra.

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