Pattern Spotlight + Topstitching Tips: Cheryl Back Seam Panty Pattern

I made a little test-sew of the Cheryl Back Seam Panty Pattern, and I love it! This version is view 2 in a hip-hugger cut.

I love panty patterns with enclosed gussets, and Beverly’s pattern has simple instructions that make it very easy!

Close-up of the back of the gusset, because I love how it looks!

The no-side-seam style of this pattern makes it a natural fit for stripes. I did make a small change, though. I used lingerie elastic that is plush on one side, so instead of turning my elastic under the fabric, I turned the fabric under the elastic. It’s nice that the pattern has instructions for enclosed elastic, as you may not always have elastic that feels nice on the skin available.

Before topstitching the elastic. Note all of the fullness of the leg is below the hip line and on the back.

Here they are on the dress form. These fit great in person, although only a full-day test wear will completely confirm that. The bunching you see in the crotch area is because my dress form has a very narrow stance, so to speak.

Crotch width is a difficult area to measure accurately, so always make a test pair of undies or measure a pair you already like to gauge your preference. Too narrow and too wide are both uncomfortable to wear!

Also, when working with a fabric like this that shows every little mistake, consider marking your topstitching lines with chalk or another temporary marker, so that they will look their best. I should have done that here.

If you look closely, you’ll notice two other issues here. One: I ran out of black thread and topstitched with a contrast color. It’s not the end of the world, but I wouldn’t do it for a client piece.


Two: Some of my topstitching stitches popped! I should have chosen a wider/shorter three-step zigzag setting. You have a few choices if this happens to you. You can pick out the old stitching (not fun). Or, if you’re like me and your main goal with this piece is to have one more day in-between Emergency Laundry, just tear out the parts that already popped and stitch over the old stitching. I won’t show you a photo, because it’s not pretty, but it should function just fine. Lesson learned.

P.S. – I always wash everything before I wear it. The fabric has been pre-washed, but the elastic has not. I have sensitive skin and sometimes sizing or starch on elastics can be irritating.

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