Pattern Spotlight: Cheryl Back Seam Panty Pattern and a Quick Note on Tracing

by Lara Neel

I think you all know this already, but all of my favorite patterns have a few things in common. If I had my way, all patterns would:

1) have a wide size range

2) allow me to make clothes I will wear every day

3) be printed on heavyweight paper, so I can trace them off

I get it that not everyone is into #3. Special equipment, like a light table, Swedish tracing paper, or a double tracing wheel along with carbon paper, can make it easier. But, if you are stubborn determined enough, and have good light, you can trace onto ordinary printer paper, as I’ve shown in the photo above. I like to use a ruler when tracing the grain line, but, other than that, I usually just sketch along with my pencil.

This week, I’m tracing the Cheryl Back Seam Panty Pattern by Beverly Johnson. It checks off all three of the boxes above, so I’m excited to see how it sews up!

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