Top Down Center Out: Fitting Pants by Yourself

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When: January 9, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Where: Anywhere, through Zoom

Cost: $15/ticket

Join @ithacamaven over zoom for an introduction and description of the #TopDownCenterOut method for making your own pants. Learn the innovative method for pants fitting from the creator!

The #TopDownCenterOut is a process to get that comfortable fit and make the customized trousers of your dreams. This is a process that you can perform solo, you do NOT require a fitting buddy, just a full-length mirror and another mirror positioned so you can look at your backside hands-free without twisting.

We will cover what makes this method so novel, provide practical instruction into how it works and answer all your questions. If you find pants fitting is frustrating, this talk will get you launched for success. If you have already mastered pants, the discussion will offer you new tools for understanding different styles and excited about taking your pants to the next level. Handouts of all class materials will be provided.

We will not be posting recordings of this class and students are advised to check that they can readily access Zoom before class.