Samantha Rei on Draping Your Way to Radical Body Acceptance and Design

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When: June 17, 2021, 6 pm to 8 pm EST

Where: Your sewing space, through Zoom.

Cost: $40 per student

Samantha Rei will be joining Twins N Needles to share how makers can use the classic skill of draping to free themselves from standard sewing patterns, shapes, and expectations.  No previous experience is required. 

“We all have bodies, and if you’re like me you enjoy dressing it in ways that make you feel your best. Everyone of every type of body deserves to wear clothes that evoke this feeling. I’m going to discuss radical body acceptance and why learning to drape can help with your unique fit.”  

A recording will be available to students after the session for review. 

Draping-along is not required, but students who want to explore draping may wish to have: 

  • a length of muslin or inexpensive fabric with a similar hand to your favorite material
  • fabric shears
  • pins
  • sharpie-type markers
  • a dress form (contact us if you want ideas for alternatives if you do not have a form available)
  • sturdy paper, a tracing wheel, and dressmaker’s carbon paper for copying your draped design into a pattern
  • pencils
  • 3-inch x 18-inch quilting ruler

About Samantha:

Samantha R. Crossland began her fashion design career with her label “Blasphemina’s Closet”, one of the first Lolita clothing lines in the US, in 2000. After closing “Blasphemina’s Closet” in September of 2013, she started anew with her new eponymous label “Samantha Rei”. “Samantha Rei” embodies the sweetness, femininity and attention to detail that has come to be expected from the designer.