Poet Mia Wright

Mia Wright is an educator and editor who earned her MFA in Poetry from Boise State University. Her poems have appeared in Spill Words, Elephants Never, Q/A Poetry, The Girl God, Word Riot, This Land, Watershed, and J’Parle. Wright was a finalist for the 2004 Grolier Poetry Prize, coeditor of the feminist zine Sisterspeak, and one of the producers of Colorline—a four-part arts project on racial segregation in Tulsa, which took place in May 2016. Wright is the author of three poetry chapbooks, and currently teaches at Tulsa Community College.

Instagram: @19poems. Twitter: @19poems. Blog: https://19poems.blog

Mia creates all-occasion cards, postcards, journals, and other products featuring her original poetry and writing prompts.  Find out how to get in touch with Mia or support her work on Ko-Fi at ko-fi.com/19poems