Play and Practice: Elastic Edges with Lara Neel

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When: February 21, 2021. 6 pm to 8 pm (Central Time)

Where: Your sewing space, through Zoom.

Cost: $35

Elastic makes a great unmentionable or swimsuit edging, but it can also do a lot more! It can also be a binding, a super-easy neckline edging, or a simple embellishment, among other uses. Lara will talk about and demonstrate different types of elastic and its many edge applications.

If you want to sew along in class, you’ll want to make sure you have a new stretch needle for your zig-zag stitch capable sewing machine, pieces of elastic, and scraps of stretch fabric.

Lara will definitely cover fold over elastic, lingerie elastic, and decorative elastic. If we have time, she’ll show you more types!