J Stern Happy Pants Fitting Zoom Workshop

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When: October 3rd, 17th & 24th, 2021, 11 am to 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Where: Anywhere, through Zoom.

Cost: $120/ student

Note on refunds: Refunds are not offered for this class. Students who miss a live class are encouraged to review the recording and feel free to ask questions. Jennifer is a responsive, supportive teacher. 

Join us with Jennifer Stern for the Zoom Happy Pants Fitting Workshop. This workshop is designed to make quick work of getting you into perfectly fitted, non-stretch pants. The Happy Pants pattern is provided and includes sizes from a 34” hip to a 53” hip.  

Instead of starting with one pattern for all students, Jennifer will help you analyze your shape to determine the best pattern to start with. She has created three different pants slopers based on the shape of your behind (and where the fullest part is).

The included Happy Pants (https://jsterndesigns.com/product/happy-non-stretch-pants-pattern-workbook/) pattern and workbook will be emailed to students upon registration.The workbook includes mini slopers for students to print out before class.

  • In the first class, Jennifer will help you choose the best sloper and starting size from the class packet. Before you cut out your muslin pieces, she’ll show you how to make simple adjustments to your pattern to create a custom fit. She will provide her tips for muslin preparation. 
  • Between October 3 and October 17th, students should plan to cut and sew a muslin based on the full-size pattern and schedule a private one-on-one fitting with Jennifer. 
  • In the second class, Jennifer will teach you how to fine-tune the pattern based on how your muslin fits.
  • In the final class, students will transfer all the adjustments in the fit muslin to pattern pieces and design pockets, fly pieces and waistband.

Materials list

  • Happy Pants PDF Pattern and Workbook (included with registration)
  • Print out of the mini slopers included in the class workbook
  • Print out of your full size pattern
    • This can be printed on any home printer (9 pages per leg) or you can get it printed in wide format at a copy shop. 
  • 2.5 yards of “muslin” fabric, at least 45″ wide. Your fabric should be a stable, non-stretch material. For your final pants, consider woven cotton, twill, crepe, or suiting fabric.
  • Lightweight lining or woven cotton for  waistband facing. 
  • Clear 18” clear grid ruler & French Curve if you own one
  • Pencils
  • Pattern paper
  • Colored Pencils (we recommend at least three colors)
  • Eraser
  • Paper scissors or rotary cutter
  • Tracing Paper and tracing wheel
  • Scotch tape
  • All purpose sewing thread
  • Basic sewing supplies (including fabric scissors, pins, tape measure, seam ripper)
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies

Happy Pants Pre-Class Work

Jennifer has designed three different pants slopers that fit according to where the fullest part of your hip (butt) is. The lower the fullest part of your behind is, the flatter the base of the back crotch curve needs to be.  

Look at your shape from the side view to see where your fullest hip is. Compare your shape to the  illustrations provided in the class work book to pick the best starting pattern for you.  

Print out one set of front/back legs (high, average or low full hip). The Print at Home PDFs are 9 pages  for each leg. Or send the front/back leg to a copy shop. We will begin class by comparing your measurements to the pattern measurements. 

If you need help picking out the best sloper for your shape, please email Jennifer clear  front, side and back view photos of you in snug fitting pants or leggings and she’ll help you decide!  Her email address is included in the registration confirmation email. 

About JenniferJennifer Stern Hasemann is the owner and designer at J Stern Designs. She has a solid background in pattern design and drafting, fit and construction. Her original line of fashion patterns features classic jeans, a cup-sized fitted shirt and a unique tee. Since then she’s added an Easy Fit and Sew Collection of knit garments, Stretch Jeans, Knit Jeans and Happy Pants (non-stretch pants pattern and fit workbook). Her focus is drafting flattering patterns with easy to follow instructions and fitting techniques. She loves to share a wide variety of sewing, serging, fitting and construction techniques via her J Stern Designs YouTube Channel where she currently has over 100 video tutorials. Additionally, she teaches online at Craftsy.com and Patternreview.com and in person around the country.