Filled Trim and Piping Class with Kenneth D. King

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This session will be offered live from 11AM to 1PM EST on January 30, 2021 using the Zoom platform. Students will receive a link and password following registration. When you log on to zoom, please have the password ready.

We will not post recordings of class sessions and students are advised to check that they can readily access Zoom before class.

In this two-hour live presentation, students will learn Professor King’s unique and reliable techniques to construct and apply filled trim (also called rouleaux trim), piping, and rows of button loops. Professor King will show you the best ways to handle these trims to give your projects a professional, polished look. This is a two-hour session so that students will have plenty of time to watch him demonstrate and answer their questions.

Sewing along is not required. After the class, be sure to tag your samples with #kennethdkingonline and #twinsnneedlesevents