Basic Drafting: Sleeves and Dress Form Arms with Kenneth D. King

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When: April 21, 7pm to 9pm EST

Where: Your sewing space, through Zoom.

Cost: $40/ student

Join us on Zoom this spring to learn how to draft a dress form arm to match your own proportions. Professor King will then go on to explain how to draft a basic sleeve to fit into a bodice. Learning to draft basic sleeves will enable you to practice more advanced designs and adjust commercial sewing patterns more quickly. 

This is a draft-along class. Suggested materials are:

  • Sturdy paper in pieces at least 4” (10cm) wider than the sleeve bicep, and 4” (10cm) longer than the sleeve length (heavy kraft paper is recommended). Lisa likes the “Pacon Duo-Finish” paper that is often used in school bulletin boards. Lara likes to press brown packing paper. 
  • a straight-edge
  • a tailor’s square or clear quilting ruler
  • A drafting curve
  • a tape measure
  • pencils (colored and graphite)
  • An eraser
  • A calculator or calculator app at the ready

Students wishing to review the general concepts ahead of time are encouraged to review Professor King’s Book, “The Basic Sleeve.”

We will not post recordings of this class and students are advised to check that they can readily access Zoom before class.