Twins N Needles 2020: Focus on Fit Full Class Descriptions

Real Bodies and “Standard” Sizes with Carol Huls

Carol Huls, President of DittoForm Michigan LLC, will make a brief presentation about the concepts, challenges and benefits of having a body double made in your image.

Standard sizes are an illusion — at least no one we know is Standard. Everyone has something different about their body that makes them unique. When you’re sewing for yourself, a custom dress form or body scan image made with your physical characteristics (your shoulder slope, your atypical waistline, your scoliosis…) can greatly support your pattern work and fitting.

Happy Pants with Jennifer Stern

If you want to make a great fitting pair of fitted pants, join me for the Happy Pants Workshop. This class is a unique combination of using body measurements and muslin fitting. Students will have the opportunity to try on pants muslins to narrow down the best size to start with. Then we’ll compare your body measurements to the pattern measurements to customize the length and shape of the crotch. After the pattern pieces are adjusted, use them to sew your custom pants muslin. We will use the muslin to fine-tune the fit of the pattern pieces. Students leave class with a completed fit muslin and adjusted pattern pieces ready to sew with.

Your Favorite Underpants with Lara Neel

Panties are easy to sew in any style. Briefs, bikinis, hipsters and high-cut panties are all made using the same basic techniques. We will discuss sizing and techniques for developing a perfect fit and the desired style.

Choose any pantie pattern you like, as long as it includes a crotch/gusset lining with enclosed seams. See list below for suggestions.

Note: Men, and those who want to sew underwear for men, are welcome to attend. However, since men’s underwear styles do not tend to have enclosed lining seams, some of the coursework will not apply to you. The instructor will make sure you don’t sit idly by during that section of class, however. (It also only takes a few minutes.)

We will begin by practicing sewing perfectly enclosed seams. Then, we will practice applying different types of elastic and stretch lace. Lastly, we’ll talk about how to move or eliminate some of the seams in your panties to change their style.

Possible patterns:

Stretch and Sew 2046

Kwik Sew 3881

Pin Up Girls Cheryl Panty

Pin Up Girls Panty Basics

Men’s Underwear – Pin Up Girls Mens Underwear Pattern

If you wish to order a Pin Up Girls pattern from your instructor, please let us know at the time of registration.

Pattern Grading for the Home Sewer with Jennifer Stern

Join me to learn an easy method for sizing a clothing pattern to fit you. We’ll start the class with a discussion about pattern sizing and grading as it relates to fitting a pattern. Then we’ll work together step-by-step to grade a basic pattern up a size and down a size. We’ll discuss how you can use this easy method to size and fit patterns to your unique shape. You’ll leave class with step-by-step instructions and a set of grading rules to use to grade your patterns at home along with samples of graded patterns that you worked on in class.

How to Adjust a Non-Stretch Pattern for Stretch Fabric with Jennifer Stern

If you have a pattern in your stash that you want to make out of knit, but it was designed for non-stretch fabric, this is the class for you. I’ve made a set of samples to show you how a top and pant pattern fits in non-stretch fabric. Then I used adjusted pattern pieces to make them out of knit or stretch fabric. The key to adjusting the pattern correctly is to determine how much wearable stretch your fabric has. Just because a fabric can stretch 30% doesn’t mean you want it to. I’ll show you the difference between maximum stretch and wearable stretch. Then learn how to adjust your pattern pieces for a perfect fit. Discover what kinds of non-stretch patterns are easier to adjust for stretch fabric. I’ll also talk about how to use your adjusted pattern pieces to create new styles.