Unique, Local Sewing Specialities at the Vintage Sewing Adventure

We wanted the Vintage Sewing Adventure to be a unique celebration of sewing that would have something new for everyone. The location in Northeast Oklahoma made the inclusion of Native American perspectives on sewing very important to us, and we were thrilled when Ms. Tonia Hogner-Weavel agreed to join us for the Adventure. Ms. Hogner-Weavel is a Cherokee Nation citizen and has been researching and making Cherokee clothing for the past 30 years.

She will be with us all weekend, and registration for her sessions is included in the overall registration fee. On Saturday afternoon, Ms. Hogner-Weavel will offer a detailed presentation on the history of Cherokee fashion, including a focus on the modern-day Cherokee tear dress. This session will give a thorough overview of this dress style that is still used and worn by Cherokee women and is part of the living heritage of the Nation. This session will be in a presentation format.

On Sunday morning, she will offer a hands-on workshop on Cherokee beadwork. This is a little-known art that flourished in the early 1800’s before the Cherokee removal from the southeastern United States.  The two-needle applique style of beadwork will be taught and a small project will be introduced to class participants. This session is limited to 20 people and has a materials fee of $12 per participant.

Both of her sessions will highlight the creativity and unique designs of the ancient Cherokee.  These sessions are open to anyone interested and do not require any previous experience with Native American crafts.

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